Group Lockout Boxes BAN-X105

Item no.: BAN-X105

Material: Plastic ABC + PC

Size: 180 x 98 x 120mm

Colour: Red

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Wall-Mounted Group Lockout Box BAN-X105

a) The Wall-Mounted Group Lockout Box is injection molded using Isoplast polymers for extra durability, has excellent chemical and heat resistance and is impossible to corrode.

b) The lock rails accommodate up to 8 padlocks and the slot in front allows keys to be inserted when box is locked.

c) Use one lock on each energy control point and place the keys in the lockout box; each worker then places his own lock on the box to prevent access.

d) Each employee retains exclusive control, as required by OSHA, by placing his own lock on the lockout box containing the keys to the job locks

e) As long as any one worker's lock remains on the lockout box, the keys to the job locks contained inside cannot be accessed.