Ladder Sign Tags from BEIAN LOCK BAN-P21

Item No.:BAN-P21/P21B



Dimension:212mm(L) x 57mm(W) x 6mm(T)

Weight :33g

Color:White & Yellow

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1.For use with all ladders,kicksteps and podiums

2.Helps to eliminate accidents and improve inspection management processes

3.Ensures efficient inspections and legal compliance

4.Ladder tags provide visible information on the ladder class and inspection record

Specifications for ladder tags:

These ladder tags are simple and easy to use. They can be used with podiums, kicksteps, ladders and more. They provide easily visible information on each ladder’s class and inspection record. These tags help to make inspections more efficient, and they prevent legal problems caused by noncompliance. They also are important to help ensure worker safety. The bright colours make these items easily visible.